Mountainous Playful Couple session in Anaconda, Montana | Jordan + Justin

April 29, 2020

April Fennelly


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The number one question I always get asked by couples for their first session is what they should wear. I always want my couples to feel like themselves in front of the camera. If they do not feel comfortable their true personalities will not come through in the photos. That is why I have decided to make a blog post directed towards what couples could consider wearing to their session. Ultimately, I truly hope this blog post will make it easier for couples to decide and coordinate their clothing options. I had some family photos taken this past fall with my family and I even started to stress a little about what everyone should wear and if we all would look good. It is hard to not stress sometimes over the clothing options for your photo session. But I am here to lend a helping hand and make this decision less stressful on you.

First of all I want to stress to you all to keep it simple and try not to over think it. Coordinate your plans before your session to make sure your color palette goes with the vibe you are trying to achieve. I would recommend sticking with solid natural colors for your clothing, and natural makeup and hair. A little tip, if you do get your hair and makeup done professionally before your session you can use it as an excuse to go on a date afterwards!

Wear clothes that are flattering to your body shape. Dresses make for awesome photos as they create flowing movements which make each photo different and unique. Wearing shoes that are closed toe are more appealing in photos. By having your hair down it allows for you to whip your hair around which makes the photos look playful and fun. Be yourself and you will be able to relax more and have a great time at your session.

One thing you should try to avoid wearing are logos or sayings on shirts as they tend to distract from the photo itself. Your photos are an investment so dress up for them and show them off to everyone you know. Forget about how you think the photo session should go and just go with the flow and not allow your nerves to get the best of you and I guarantee you will have a much more enjoyable time.

I hope some of these tips will be helpful to you when deciding what clothes to wear to your photo session. I know it is awkward having a stranger in your face taking lots of photos but if you feel comfortable in your clothing then you will feel more at ease during the session. I want every session to be full of fun and very playful with every couple.

The couple in this session were so comfortable during the whole shoot which made the day go by so fast. During this session the couple hadseveral different clothing options they brought with them which is something I highly recommend doing.  We took a ride up some back roads in Anaconda, Montana and spotted a beautiful creek running through a field. We parked and walked for a little bit until we found a great spot where we took several photos. We then kept driving and stopping to take more photos whenever we saw scenery that caught our eyes.

We finally came to our final destination at Silver Lake. I absolutely love lake photos with couples so I was thrilled when they agreed to get into the water to take a few photos! At the very end of the session Justin went to pick Jordan up while stepping on a rock and he slipped on the rock and ended up falling into the lake taking Jordan with him. I love that they both felt comfortable in front of me and were able to truly be themselves and enjoy their session. I want this experience for all my couples!