Mountainous Engagement Session In West Glacier National Park | Shandelle + Jonathan

June 30, 2020

April Fennelly


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Glacier National Park in Montana is a photographers dream with the most breathtaking views.  I cannot believe it is in my backyard, literally you can see it from my house. The park has so many beautiful places where I can take simply awesome photos. If I had to choose what my favorite thing to photograph is I would have to say couples or engagement couples.

I just feel that couples sessions are so much more personal and I am able to connect on a more intimate level.  When shooting couples sessions we are actually able to spend time together without distractions and we can go at a slower pace which helps me to capture private moments between my couples. I love being able to be a part of the love and connection these couples have for one another.

The first thing I would recommend for couples who have booked me for a wedding is to also book an engagement session if possible.  Not only does this give you the chance to get some fun photos together but it allows you to meet your photographer and get acquainted with their shooting style and their personality before the big day and it allows the photography to get a feel for you and your personality.   Meeting your photographer before the wedding or elopement can make the process less stressful on all of us. Reducing as much stress on your wedding day is always a good thing.

One thing I love to do prior to an engagement session is to send an email or call my couples a week before the session to ask them some questions about their relationship and some questions about themselves. It really helps me get to know them better as a couple. Some of the questions consist of me asking them what their biggest pet peeve is with the other person, what their favorite thing to do as a couple is, how they met, and what they do for fun. I feel the answers to these questions gives me a sense of their likes and dislikes and helps me to plan a shoot that will be enjoyable for all of us.

During an engagement session I enjoy playing music. One of my questions I always ask is what type of music they enjoy listening to. I have a few different playlists made for each of my different couples. I feel the music truly sets the mood for the couples session and allows the couple to relax and be themselves. My goal is to have fun with each of my couples and have them enjoy their experience with me. When you feel relaxed your photos will look more natural and you will have a more enjoyable experience.  I look forward to working with all my couples in the future.  Lets’ do this and have a good ol’ time!

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