Montana Surprise Proposal

November 18, 2020

April Fennelly


Beautiful field proposal  (147 of 151).jpg

What is more romantic than a proposal?  Being able to photograph one of course. Pete is my brother in law and he called me a few months ago to let me know he was going to propose to his girlfriend Jordan and asked me if I would be willing to capture the proposal with photos.  Of course, I said ‘yes’.  I was so honored and excited to be a part of this special moment.  I met Jordan a year ago and I have loved the friendship we have made over that time.  I could not wait for her to be a part of the family. 

I am not going to lie, I was extremely nervous for these photos. I did not want to screw up and miss the big moment. Pete called me early one morning and told me today was the Big Day. I was already going to take some photos of Jordan that day for some of my content and we were about to leave the house to go to that shoot when Pete called. I was so excited for him!

It was early June and we were trying to beat the rain so we met up early at Belton Stage to take the photos. I started with the photos that I wanted to get for the content and then I told Pete and Jordan that I would love to get a few photos of them together. I had them do a few fun poses together so that Jordan wouldn’t figure out what was going on and then I had them walk into the field and I directed Jordan to stand in front of me and told her Pete was going to do the “sneak attack pose.” Jordan did not know what Pete was going to do for his sneak attack. Jordan was nervous that Pete was going to jump on her back for a piggy back ride. So while Jordan was standing there Pete kneeled behind her on one knee holding the beautiful ring he had picked out. Pete then yelled out for Jordan to turn around and when she turned around and saw Pete on his knee she was dumbfounded.

The look on Jordan’s face when she turned around was priceless, you could tell she had no idea what was about to happen. She was literally speechless while Pete proclaimed his love for her and asked for her hand in marriage. What Jordan loved the most about that moment was how sweet Pete was. She could see how nervous he was and that just made her heart melt. To be able to witness something that special is why I love my job.  I love being able to help couples remember special moments like these for the rest of their lives.

Afterwards we celebrated by having some champagne and I took some more photos of the newly engaged couple and their dog Tank. My husband and daughters were also there which made it that much more special having them witness their uncle proposal to Auntie Jordan.