Wander Workshop | Styled Shoot |

January 27, 2021

April Fennelly


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This blog is about how I got my start in the photography business.  I believe this is an important topic to discuss.  We as individuals always have room to grow and learn new things. I truly believe we should always be evolving and trying new techniques in order to better ourselves personally and financially. When starting out in the photography world it can be very scary and very overwhelming trying to figure it all out. I started my photography career as a self-taught photographer and I have made the necessary investments to help and educate myself.

Investing in yourself as a photographer is the only way to truly find your style and what makes you happy. When I started out I had no idea what I was doing or even where to start in this industry and there were a few individuals that were not willing to help me or answer any questions that I had about starting a photography business. I was beginning to feel discouraged and then I decided to message my favorite local photographer that I had been following on Instagram. To my relief, this photographer wrote me back. She allowed me to shadow her at a  wedding that she was doing that week in Whitefish MT. I was over the moon happy! After shadowing her for that wedding she asked if I would be interested in second shooting with her for some additional weddings. Having her take a leap of faith in me was the biggest confidence booster I could have ever asked for. Because of her I was able to gain some much needed experience and some invaluable one on one learning while at the same time making a new friend!

After second shooting a few weddings I felt I was getting the hang of this new business and I decided that I was going to invest in myself and take a workshop class. I chose to do the Wander Workshop course. This course was located in Oregon. While at the workshop I learned so much. In the classes we had guest speakers who gave us their valuable knowledge and we then shot styled shoots so that we could practice what we had learned. I recommend that every photographer should join a workshop to experience what they have to offer.

Not only have I did second shootings but I also invested in a mentor session with another photographer that I admire deeply. That one on one time with her changed the way I personally interact with my clients. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made in regards to my photography business. I also make it a point to purchase a new online workshop and some education programs to study during the winter months when my business is not as hectic. I like online classes because I can watch them when I want and I can go back and watch them again and again.

When you step outside your comfort zone you are able to keep pushing the limit on educating yourself about new trending changes in the photography business and I believe change is a good thing. Be open minded in this business and you will grow. Having friends in this industry is very helpful. Making connections is everything. Do not let competition cloud your mind. There is enough work for everyone so just enjoy your work and you will meet so many new friends.