Storm Lake Engagement | Kellen + Marisa |

March 22, 2021

April Fennelly


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I have been wanting so badly to get one of my couples to do a photo session that requires a hike in my hometown of Anaconda.  So I thought I would ask one of my couples if they would be interested in doing their engagement photos in Anaconda. To my surprise Kellen and Marisa agreed to come to Anaconda to get their engagement photos done! I was so thrilled I did a little happy dance as I read their email. Hiking is my thing and hiking in my hometown is where I am happiest. The views are breathtaking and there are hardly any other people around for miles!

I had recently hiked up to one of my favorite spots with my dad and my new dog earlier in the summer and had fallen in love with all the wild flowers that were growing due to the rainy spring.  I knew this was the spot I wanted to take my couple.  The wild flowers were going to be a perfect background for their photos and it was also a short walk to a mountain lake which gave us some different locations to take photos of.

The road to the location is not ideal, it is full of large rocks and huge potholes. We could only drive so far before we had to pull over and walk the rest of the way. The   side of the road was covered in vibrate wild flowers. It was such a dream. While hiking up the road to the mountain lake we kept stopping along the way to get photos with the wild flowers in the background.  The flowers were perfect against Marisa’s dress.

We ended up getting a little bit of a late start on the session so we were only able to make it up to the lake and half way around one side of the lake before it started getting dark. The views around the lake were picture perfect for their session. When we reached the lake it was priceless seeing their reactions to the area! They fell in love with the views just like I knew they would. Plus Marisa came to the session with a jean jacket that you bazzled!!! It was such a relaxed and fun-filled evening laughing and taking in the beautiful views. We ended the night walking through a shallow creek with the car headlights shining on them drinking their favorite beer.

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