Winter Engagement in Glacier | Wil + Whitney

June 15, 2021

April Fennelly


Wil & Whitney engagement (203 of 349).jpgI had been trying to coordinate a date to get together with Wil and Whitney for their engagement photos so when we finally picked a date I was really happy that I was finally going to meet them. They drove all the way up to the Flathead Valley from Butte, Montana- Guys that is about a five hour drive! We decided to venture into Glacier National Park to take their engagement photos. I hopped into their car so we could drive together to talk and get to know one another better. On the drive up to Glacier National Park we talked about their vision for their wedding.

On the drive up it started to rain and the fog rolled in which was perfect for that moody vibe. One bad thing about the fog was that we were unable to see any of the mountains. I was pretty bummed that we wouldn’t be able to capture any of the mountains in their engagement photos but Wil and Whitney did not mind. We were having so much fun in the rain that the mountains did not matter.

These two are naturals in front of the camera! I barely had to direct them at all.  They were so comfortable that it was like I was not even there. Being with them made me super excited for their wedding date. We also explored a few different locations in West Glacier National Park for their wedding session.

Not only did Wil and Whitney drive the five long hours to the Flathead but they also drove the five hours back to Butte after their engagement session. They made me feel as if we were lifelong friends and on top of that Wil knew who my dad was. You have got to love small towns in Montana. While editing their engagement photos it was really hard to just pick one favorite photo. I can not wait for their wedding this summer, it is truly going to be a fun day to celebrate!