Dreamy lakeside Montana wedding in Glacier

May 9, 2022

April Fennelly

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I had been waiting for Jacqueline’s  small intimate wedding since my first phone call with her.  Listening to her vision for her wedding day sounded simply perfect. When the wedding day finally came I met her fiancé Brian at the amphitheater in Glacier National Park where they were going to have their ceremony.  When I arrived Brian told me that Jacqueline was not going to have her dad walk her down the aisle but instead Jacqueline and her dad were going to arrive at the ceremony in a canoe on Lake McDonald.  I was so excited to see this, how unique and cool was that!

It was a warm day with a little bit of smoke hovering around the mountains around Glacier National Park.  The ceremony was beautiful.  The bride had her brother play his guitar while her dad and her rowed up to the shoreline and he played his guitar during and after the ceremony.  After Brian and Jacqueline exchanged their vows on the shoreline of Lake McDonald they both hopped into the canoe and took a little row around the lake to enjoy some alone time.  When Brian and Jacqueline returned I took a few family and wedding party photos at the lake before heading up the Going to Sun Road to take the rest of the photos. 

While following the bridal party to Big Bend I saw my first black bear cub running across the road just ahead of my car.  I know my bride was nervous about the smoke and concerned that we wouldn’t be able to see any of the mountains at Big Bend.  However, when we arrived at Big Bend the mountains were visible and the little smoke that was around them made for a dreamy romantic effect for the photos. 

None of the wedding guests had been to Big Bend before and they were so impressed with how beautiful it was.  We took more family and wedding party photos at Big Bend.  What was really nice was that there were actually not a lot of people at Big Bend on this Saturday which so crazy for a weekend during the summertime.  We basically had  that part of the mountain all to ourselves and we were able to take our time and get the photos that really mattered to the bride and groom. 

While I was taking photos the parents of the bride and groom supplied a beautiful charcuterie board for the guests to eat.  At the end of their session Jacqueline brought out some special details that she wanted photographed.  Brian and Jacqueline then got into their rental vehicle and we did some final photos out of the sunroof of their rental. This intimate wedding was a dream, the photos were stunning, the light was just perfect and I saw two black bears on the west side of Glacier National Park which I have never seen before and let me tell you I have been out there more times than I can count. I love weddings like this one that do not have a certain timeline and where the bride and groom are willing to have a little fun and get some awesome photos.

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