Montana couple session at Big Bend

January 30, 2023

April Fennelly

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If you are looking for amazing stunning and beautiful mountain views in Glacier National Park on the West side then Big Bend is your spot. Once you drive up the Going to Sun road you will stop at Big Bend right past the Weeping Wall. Big Bend in Glacier National Park is breathtaking for its mountain views. My couple was traveling from Florida, and wanted to get some anniversary photos taken up at Big Bend in Glacier National Park. When I saw them standing up there and she was wearing that flowy blue dress, I knew these photos were going to be gorgeous. It was a perfect evening, the weather was warm, a wee bit of a wind and the sun was shining. They were such a fun couple to photograph, the evening was going smoothly. We took some fun photos down by this rock wall at the top of Big Bend. I happened to look up at the end of our session and the way the sun was shinning down on the mountain to the left of us was outlines perfectly. So I asked them if you would mind taking some dancing photos in the middle of the road so that we could capture the way that mountain looked in the background. Overall if you are in Glacier National Park I highly suggest stopping by Big Bend while driving the Going to Sun road to enjoy the mountainous views and sunsets. If you go up there in early summer you will be able to experience the Weeping Wall with all the water dripping down it and the beautiful waterfall just left of Big Bend.

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