Rainy Glacier Mountainous session in Montana

January 27, 2023

April Fennelly

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Moody weather sessions are my absolute favorite to photograph couples in and I had one such session last September.  The weather was rainy, and I was driving through Glacier National Park at Big Bend to meet up with Andrew and Selena for a couple’s photo session.  While I was driving to meet them for their photo session, I witnessed an accident between a vehicle and a bicyclist. It was the worst thing I have ever seen!  The bicyclist did not look left when he crossed into oncoming traffic and a car hit him.  The bicyclist went flying into the air with all his belongings. I pulled over right away and called 911. I felt awful for everyone involved and I was shaking from the experience.  I, of course, was a little late for my couple’s session but Andrew and Selena were very understanding.

Once the session started up at Big Bend it started to rain but while we chatted my nervousness went away. I seriously have not had so much fun with any couple like I had with this couple. I loved being around them the moment we met! They were so sweet and so in love with each other, I could not stop smiling at them. The weather at the Glacier National Park at Big Bend was rainy but that did not bother us as taking photos in the rain is such a fun experience. You just need to embrace the day and have a fun time. Rainy weather really does make for some stunning photos. We had the best time together, I had them dancing in the rain while laughing as hard as possible. I am so lucky to have met Selena and Andrew, they were a dream to work with and they made me feel as if we were old friends hanging out in the rain.  

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